“MUR is about simplicity and purpose…and our designs reflect that.”

MUR is a small design company located in Southern California. It was formed to fill the void in the nitch moto market of big ideas at small volumes.

“Sometimes the smallest ideas are tossed aside due to small profit margins, but If people need it and are willing to buy it…then why not? Chances are if I need it, then someone else may need it too.”

MUR is here to cater to those enthusiasts who find themselves wanting more than just mainstream. We are looking to provide solutions for the obvious problems encountered on and off the track. Our goal is to meet the needs of the few in hopes to meeting the needs of the many.

“This isn’t going to be easy in that we only have a few products to sell at the moment. It doesn’t mean that this is all we have to offer. We have other designs that are being evaluated which we feel will put us on the map as the go to company for technical equipment and accessories.”


Our design process is very meticulous in that each design is reviewed and scrutinized a multitude of times before we go into production. This allows for a more pure and refined product with practical functionality and with quality that exceeds expectations.


All components are CNC machined from a billet aluminum alloy 6061-T6, an industry standard in the motorsport industry. This billet construction provides strength and durability needed for the ever increasing demands of professional and casual riders. The manufacturing process is tedious but the end result is perfection.

 Quality or Nothing:

“Quality is the culmination of design and manufacturing.”

Quality is incorporated into our designs by taking into account the manufacturing processes involved.  This forces us to streamline our designs eliminating unnecessary production time, which in turn eliminates wasteful cost. As a result, we get a higher quality product at a reasonable cost.