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Battery Post Extenders


Do it right from the start, by incorporating post extenders into your battery installation. Post extenders bring back some of the height lost when updating to a lithium battery.  This eliminates the need to buy longer cables or add extension cables to the existing OEM cables.


When replacing your bulky, heavy, acid filled battery with the small, compact design of a lithium battery. You will not only lose a lot in weight, but you will lose a lot in size. This size decrease is most evident when trying to attach the battery cable to the battery post. Most all OEM cables will not accommodate the change in height of the lithium battery. The only two options currently available is to make new cables or extend the existing cables by attaching an extension cable. But again, here at MUR, these options are not good enough. So we sought to design a custom post that would continue to keep within the confines of the battery, but yet provide you with the extra height needed to easily attach the OEM battery cable to the battery post; simple and to the point. So don’t waste your time making cables or adding length to existing cables. Keep it simple. Buy the Post Extenders.

The price includes two color coded post with O-ring, which prevents post from vibrating loose.

Additional information

Weight 56.7 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 13 mm


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